Supportive Recovery

Face-to-face meetings are the basis for our members’ success

Meetings are the foundation of LifeRing’s service delivery method, and are the core purpose of our organization – providing peer-to-peer connection and support. At a LifeRing meeting, all attendees can count on having a familiar and welcoming experience in small group format, and facilitated by a trained peer-facilitator.

We talk about the here and now to prepare for tomorrow. Our focus is on sharing weekly recovery successes and challenges that will help us plan to manage the week ahead. Discussions often include constructive questions, comments, and feedback from all participants. In any form, conversation provides a forum for open sharing with those who have similar day-to-day circumstances. Learning about techniques that are based on research and personal-practice makes LifeRing meetings a unique – and rewarding – recovery choice.

Together, the people who belong to a LifeRing group gain strength and ideas to make positive choices.

Participation – Visit a LifeRing meeting.

Since we think that recovery works best when support is personal, realistic, and available, we’ve made it easy to join into a LifeRing meeting. There are frequent times to meet and regardless of how often you attend, it is always free to participate in our confidential discussions. Find a LifeRing meeting in Canada by going here.