This section is dedicated to counsellors, social workers, front-line staff and medical professionals that are considering a referral to LifeRing alcohol and drug support groups. We value your partnership and are committed to our shared responsibility of providing a safe and respectful environment for your clients at all of our meetings.

For those who want to attend LifeRing meetings, they do not need to be referred or call ahead – they can just show up at any meeting. Sometimes, those wanting to attend LifeRing meetings feel better talking to someone ahead of time to fine out what a meeting is like and who attends and this is perfectly acceptable. They can go to our contact area here.

If this is your first time referring to LifeRing, chances are one of your colleagues knows about us or has referred already, so it might be helpful to get information and a reference from them.

If you would like any of our brochures specifcally for you, the professional, go here. Remember, the brochures are in an 11 X 14 legal letter size and double-sided page when you go to print.