Practicum Students – Higher Learning


Kelsey Le Clair – University of Victoria School of Social Work 2011


From January to April 2011, Kelsey Le Clair, a third year Practicum Student, was tasked with two things: one was developing a peer-support element to our already successful support groups and the other was to develop a Youth run group within LifeRing.

The outome of Kelsey's hard work on the peer-support framework is PALS© or Peers Actively Lending Support. A fantastic model of peer-support within LifeRing that is easy to explain the mechanics of how it fits into one's Personal Recovery Plan© and the importance of not trudging the road alone. PALS© is now widely used at LifeRing meetings in Canada. To learn more you can go here.

I am so grateful to have done my practicum with LifeRing. Not only did I learn the importance of individualized recovery and alternative options, but I got to witness the incredible benefits that peer support brings to the lives of those in recovery. I was welcomed by LifeRing volunteers and members with open arms as is everyone that walks into a LifeRing meeting. My experience and the relationships that I have built will never be forgotten! – Kelsey Le Clair


Andrew Simmons, BSW – University of Victoria School of Social Work 2012

Andrew joined LifeRing Canada as a Practicum Student from January 2012 – April 2012. Andrew jumped into the fray juggling a number of duties within LifeRing Canada and soon took on the role of Program Assistant. Andrew was exposed to all areas of the operation and was soon involved in strategic direction. Andrew completed his practicum placement, joined the Board of Directors, became Fund Development Chair and now has his BSW.


Jonas Breuhan, BSW – University of Victoria School of Social Work 2012