Personal Triumphs

This is the space where you get to tell your story; your comeback; your change. Whatever your story is – it’s unique. Send me your story by e-mail to john(at) liferingcanada (dot) org and I will put it up here. Keep it about 400 words please. If you have a picture you want me to use, then send that along as well.

Ryan’s story – “thanks, LifeRing, for making my life more meaningful.” – January 21, 2012.

My life was being controlled by my drug of choice. My addiction was effecting my relationship with my family. I attempted to call the traditional addiction support organization but was hesitant about letting a “higher power” take over my recovery. I needed help but did not know where to go for help.

I read an article about LifeRing in a community newspaper. I immediately liked the Secular and Self-help philosophy and knew I had to stop drinking. The next day I attended my first LifeRing meeting. I began my recovery journey, with the help from LifeRing. I became excited about telling my fellow LifeRing members each week about my recovery achievements. I could now connect with others in the LifeRing meetings and began to slowly build a recovery plan.

After a significant time in recovery, with LifeRing I began giving back by convening weekly meetings. I also assisted in conducting meetings at the city Detox center. As well, my job improved, I was promoted and I now enjoy my work like never before.

My life was improving. However I felt I needed to do more. I decided to train for a local 10K run. It was difficult, because I couldn’t run a block. I was determined and kept training on my own. My wife started an exercise program and we both began to lead a heathy lifestyle. I finished the 10k and went on to run a half marathon and a year later a full marathon.

Now sober, for 3 1/2 years, I am competing in Triathlons and I now co-convene the meetings I first attended.

Thanks LifeRing for helping to change my life and in making it meaningfull!

~ Ryan

Hap’s story – “I look forward to exploring life without substance abuse.” – January 22, 2012.


My name is Hap and i came to LifeRing a few weeks ago. I’ve been in business for myself for over 20 years and am a very proud man. Asking for help was extremely hard indeed. The LifeRing philosophy fit for me, because it’s “self-recovery” and not an ABC or 123 set in stone program. LifeRing gave me the freedom to understand that I am an individual and that my recovery is supported by individuals that have come from all walks of life and have different ways of dealing with their own sobriety/addiction. I’m grateful this society exists and look forward to exploring life without substance abuse.

~ Hap