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How LifeRing Works, and what is meant by “Empowering Your Sober Self” (1 min 37 sec)

LifeRing co-founder Martin Nicolaus presents A Medical Model of Addiction including an enlightened look a substance abuse and addiction recovery in his talk at the Psychiatric Grand Rounds at the Eric Martin Institution in Victoria, BC, October 5, 2010

A presentation by Dr B.J. Davis (Psy. D.) on Lifering and recovery 2016 LifeRing Annual Conference, Saturday 4, 2016 Tracey Helton-Mitchell. Author of The Big Fix. Recently interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air. Used Recovery By Choice, LifeRing’s workbook helpful for her own recovery.

Marty Nicolaus on LifeRing’s Beginnings 2011 06 04 Oakland

The 2014 Lifering Conference, Santa Rosa, California

2009 Annual Meeting Keynote Address by Marty Nicolaus

LifeRing Canada’s Executive Director Michael Walsh talks about the secular recovery program, an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous.

2016 LifeRing Annual Conference, Saturday 4, 2016 Byron Kerr, Chair, LifeRing Board, Welcome greeting. The state of LifeRing.

2016 LifeRing Annual Conference, Saturday 4, 2016 Moving beyond the 12-Step vs Non 12-step paradigm. Exploring client centered treatment in the 21st century. Jeff Cox, lead counselor Lasting Recovery

2016 LifeRing Annual Conference, Saturday 4, 2016 Chenyka Ramos. Counselor, Lasting Recovery. Dilemma of change. The process in which change occurs and can be maintained throughout time.

The Addiction Show with LifeRing’s Byron Kerr LifeRIng.org LifeRing Secular Recovery is an abstinence-based, worldwide network of people who are choosing to live in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. We encourage individuals to build their own personal recovery programs based on three principles: sobriety, secularity, and self-direction. We believe our personal recoveries require communication and connection with others in addition to our individual practice of abstinence. In LifeRing, as we talk about recovery and share tools that have worked for us, we find our sober intellectual, analytical, and emotional selves engaged, nurtured, strengthened … and empowered.
What is Lifering | Alternatives to 12-Step Recovery | Secular Recovery Programs Are you looking for different options to traditional 12-Step Recovery? Dr. KJ Foster shares information about a Secular Recovery Program called LifeRing

Irina Bogomolova of “Choice In Recovery” interviews LifeRing’s Executive Director Byron Kerr
What Happens at a LifeRing Meeting? A sample of our meeting format