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      Hello LifeRing Canada members, if you have registered as a member of this website you will be permitted to participate in this discussion forum. The main idea for this group is to provide a forum where prople in recovery can engage in positive and supportive discussion with others in recovery. The rules here are pretty simple. 1) Be respectful 2) Be supportive 3) Keep it focused on recovery issues 4) Do not attack or criticize other recovery organizations or programs 5) No discussion of theology pro or con 6) No political discussions.
      Any complaints from forum members will be addressed and mediated by our forum moderator.

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      Jill McClary

      Hi, I’m here — You look very nice, but lonely on this site. I’m OK — looks like Paul has quit. I’m feeling very positive right now — hope is a great thing! Always have hope in your heart,
      Cheers, Jill

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        Hi Jill, positive news about Paul, hope to talk on Tuesday.

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