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      This forum is open to all LifeRing Canada Convenors, prospective Convenors and Convenors in training.
      It is intended to provide a resource and forum where convenors can post questions about convenor issues and offer support and advice to other convenors. Please restrict your discussion to these topics and take your broader discussion issues to the members forum. Keep it respectful and supportive and enjoy!

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      I want to start a discussion thread about our online meetings. It is looking more and more as if this will be almost a permanent feature of our meeting format going forward, at least for the next year maybe more. We rapidly set it all up with the idea that it would be a temporary solution to the immediate problem caused by Civid 19 but clearly this is not going away soon. Our ability to hold meaningful face to face meetings is severly compromised so we need to enter into some discussions on how to do our zoom meertings better and so on.

      The first question is whether or not zoom is our best alternative. At this point it seems to be. I am currently examining several plug in applications for our website that will intigrate the zoom system into our website so that people will be able to connect directly from a menu system. However if there is a better system to use out there lets talk about it.

      We did a fewe hybrid meetings using zoom, a big screen and a few people face to face. That works OK too but you need to have the proper equipment to make it work properly. You need a proper audio system and a decent camera and a large screen plus of course wifi access.

      Some folks are experimenting with outside face to face meetings and smaller restricted face to face meetings by invitation only because of accupancy restrictions. I feel that it is OK to do that but the down side is that you limit the meetings really to only those participants that are famil;iar to you and the shy, hesitant and unsure new people will not participate..
      These are just a couple of things I am thinking about, what about the rest of you.

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