LifeRing’s success is, in part, dependant upon clinicians offering their clients an alternative like LifeRing. Aside from all the information you see on this website, you may want to experience a LifeRing meeting in-person and this is completely acceptable. We just ask that you let the group facilitator know before the meeting starts who you are and that you are there to observe. We want you to make informed decisions to best assist your clients.

We often hear that there is something unique that happens at LifeRing meetings – or, more accurately, doesn’t happen. Judgement. Our philosophy of peer support that is free from religion, persuasion, and criteria, and is reported to be the biggest reason for our wide community of familiar faces.

What we do (meetings)

When asked why they continue to participate in our programs, our participants often tell us that they feel comfortable with the way LifeRing ‘s support fits into their recovery. On any day, and at every stage of recovery, the choice to connect is always in just the right way.

Everyone has times when simply listening to the stories of others makes a difference in our day. Sometimes a one-on-one connection is all that’s needed to make a decision. Of course, there are also days, the need to talk and share a particular struggle can be overwhelming. Recognizing that each person has changing, individual needs from one moment to the next, we maintain a flexible approach to the way we offer support.


Certain commitments everyone makes as part of their connection to our organization are sobriety, secularity, self help and peer-support We’re sticklers on these. Why? It is our principles that make LifeRing a healthy and accessible recovery option for everyone. It is those principles that have inspired our growth in Canada, from a single weekly meeting in Victoria, BC to an expanding network of 22 groups across Canada.

Due to the growing interest in our society, and support of all those who join us, LifeRing’s program of support has been building. In addition to our meet-up program, we also provide assistance through: special events, conferences and seminars, literature, video, and community resources, online connections, and a growing list of other options for recovery help.

Who we are

Everyone your clients meet at LifeRing has an individual story to tell – and we are eager to hear them all. Sharing life experiences and learning from each other is the basis of our approach. We’re big on respect, openness, and individuality.

How did we arrive at – and how do we maintain – this philosophy? A vast percentage of people who are involved in the long-term building and maintenance of our programs have gone through the same recovery experiences (success and failures) as those who are new to our society. Our inclusive and confidential approach attracts people from every walk of life, and these connections mean that LifeRing benefits from a wealth of expertise that comes from all sectors of our community.

No matter where we are in our recovery, everyone at LifeRing will always have one thing in common. Our life-long journey to find, nourish, and celebrate our true, addiction-free self.

What would a Addictions and Mental Health Professional want to know?

At LifeRing meetings we listen, encourage and support people in all stages of recovery. Facilitating connections through the LifeRing PALS Program helps make the road to a successful recovery a lot easier. LifeRing’s philosophy follows evidence-based and peer-support models that empower each participant through strength-based and self-determination practices. In their meetings there is a diversity of approaches to sober living; it is up to each person to decide what does and does not work for them. The main purpose of the group is to create the right environment to reinforce each other’s choices to stay clean and sober.

LifeRing offers an opportunity for continuing care after treatment in a support group setting. In conjunction with other support groups, LifeRing offers weekly, confidential, in-person meetings where participants will experience a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. Meetings are run by a LifeRing Canada sanction trained facilitator that has addiction and recovery experience, and follows a lightly structured format. The tag line “how was your week?” opens the group up to a discussion of personal goals achieved and moments of vulnerability. This design allows groups to stay in the ‘Here and Now.’ Due to our intimate group sizes, each individual will have a chance to share their experiences from the past week, and prepare themselves for any struggles that lie within the subsequent week.

Unlike other existing support groups, LifeRing offers its participants an opportunity to build their own personal recovery plan. With helpful tools, such as the comprehensive workbook (available for a minimal cost), members are able to create a self-paced plan that enables them to stay committed to sobriety

LifeRing offers clients a much needed alternative to support groups whose message is often entangled with spiritual and religious subtext. LifeRing welcomes people of differing faith; however it is a core principal to keep any spiritual and religious affiliations separate from the meetings. LifeRing also approaches the topic of politics in a similar fashion.

The PALS (Peers Actively Lending Support) program presents participants with an opportunity to give back to the community by supporting new members on their recovery path. Volunteers who have recovery experience are paired with a member who has less familiarity. This is not a sponsorship role, the PALS positions are voluntary.

Coupling the personal recovery plan and intimate meeting style lends well to creating an aftercare plan for clients leaving treatment. It empowers clients to take ownership of their recovery, as well as connects them with a non-judgmental and caring group of people they can invite into their recovery support network. LifeRing offers a program that is balanced between connecting with others and working individually, all while maintaining 100% sobriety. No two people are the same, and LifeRing believes that no recovery plan should be the same. The client tailor makes their plan to fit their personal needs and goals.