New Website

Folks visiting LifeRing Canada may have noticed a few changes in our look and functioning of our website. This is just the start of a new look and a new design. It will be a work in progress over the next few months and I hope you will all be patient as we bring new features online and change things around.

Right now it will still be similar to what you are used to except that we have moved our platform from Drupal to Wordpress, Drupal is difficult to maintain and we always seemed to experience problems in its functionality. Lets see if this is a better option.

Even though our face to face meetings are still under suspension we have designed a new meeting calendar interface that will let you filter the meetings by day and by location.

Over the next period you will notice changes as we tweak the design and add some new features such as an online store where you can purchase our literature and other things we have for sale. All the proceeds from the store will be used to help LifeRing Canada bring our recovery support to those in need. We will be adding more media features to our site with links to youtube videos and other media on recovery issues. We will also be setting up a membership system, which will be free, members will have access to more materials and be on our new e-newsletter mailing list.

Any feedback you want to send our way will be gratefully received, info@liferingcanada.org


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