Joining an online addiction support group is a great addiction help while rehabilitating from any form of addiction. Depending on the addiction-related website you are on, you may get many different features. The best features include addiction forums, addiction chat rooms, blogs by professional therapists and information on the different forms of addictions and its different effects among other things. But the number of addiction related websites is huge these days so choosing the right website is important before you even start to think of finding the right addiction support group. So here are some basic things (or features rather) to look for to help you choose the best addiction website.

1. Addiction Forums: Addiction forums are the places where you can start a discussion on any topic, whether serious or fun. They are great places to ask other member's questions about anything, as addiction forums always get multiple answers and replies more often than not. So naturally, they are hubs for information on addiction while also being a kind of journal for people sharing their experiences with others. Look for websites that offer you the ability to join multiple addiction forums or start them without any hassles.

2. Addiction Chat Rooms: Chat rooms are great for people who don't like to read forum posts but like to talk to other people live. They are also great if you want to privately share information and a couple of words with a select few or just an individual. They also serve as an instant getaway when you're feeling down and need to let it out. So every addiction website should have addiction chat rooms where its members can interact live.

3. Blogs by Therapists: This one is a must. Blogs updated regularly by professional therapists are a must on any addiction related website. Therapy is an important part of rehabilitation, so these blogs come in really handy as they provide insightful professional opinions and advice on different matters related to addiction.

4. Health Information: One of the deciding factors when it comes to addiction related websites is health information. Any good addiction website should have information on different types of addiction and their effects on both mental and physical health of the addicts. Addiction forums come in useful when identifying symptoms while acting as a great deterrent for people swinging dangerously towards addiction and encouragement for people coping with addiction. Like they say, knowing the enemy is best!

Those are the features to look for in an addiction related website. Once you decide on a website, you can start looking for the right addiction support group . There are no secrets to choosing a good addiction support group, it all depends on you. If you are looking for some useful information on the particular addiction you are coping with, it is best to look for a particular addiction support group that deals with that, or you can even start a new one if there isn't an existing one. If it's some fun and recreation that you are looking for, there are bound to be groups about interests and activities that should catch your attention. The choice is yours; you can even join multiple groups if you can handle them!

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